Mountain Safety

When skiing or riding at Mt Hutt, it’s important to follow the Snow Responsibility Code to ensure both your own and others’ safety on the mountain.

We have the Snow Responsibility Code available at Mt Hutt and detailed below.


Snow Responsibility Code:

Stay Visible:

  • Only stop where you can be seen from above
  • Always look uphill before moving again
  • Only stop on the edge of trails or beside fixed objects

Slow Down:

  • Limit your speed in busy areas
  • Match your speed to surrounding skiers and riders
  • Be prepared for others to make sudden changes in direction or speed

Give Way:

  • Give way to those downhill
  • Look before you leap
  • Snowboarders: take care turning onto your heel edge

Give Space:

  • Stay 5m from others
  • If less than 5m from others you must slow down
  • The faster you go the more space you must give others

Download the Snow Code.


Weather and Snow Report:

Mountain weather changes very quickly. To ensure you are safely equipped for the day, make sure you check the full Snow Report before you travel to Mt Hutt.

Our Snow Report is published early every morning and updated throughout the day as conditions change. The snow report is also available in print from some accommodation providers and retailers in Methven and broadcast on radio stations in most Canterbury each morning.

The early morning snow report is accurate at the time it is published however, conditions are subject to rapid change. Be sure to check details on this website and when you arrive on the mountain for the latest information.