We stock a wide range of ski and snowboard equipment that is regularly tuned and maintained to ensure you get the most out of your time on the snow.

Hire your gear from us and enjoy the flexibility of choosing where you collect your equipment from. On mountain at Mt Hutt Ski Area.

Our experienced team will help fit you to your equipment and get you on snow as fast as possible. If you have a lesson booked, please ensure you allow plenty of time (up to an hour) to collect your rental gear before your lesson start time. 

Recreational Rentals

Ski/Snowboard, Boots, Poles, Helmet

New to skiing, or still easing into your turns? Our Recreational Skis and Snowboards are perfect to learn on. Our experienced team will help fit you to your equipment to ensure you're comfortable and help to get you on snow as fast as possible.

Multiday Day Savings Available - the more you ski the more you save.





Performance Rentals

Ski/Snowboard, Boots, Poles, Helmet

Comfortable on the slopes? Our Performance Rental fleet offers you ultimate flexibility, and is only an extra $25 to upgrade. We stock a comprehensive range of the latest premium performance skis and snowboards. You can try out any ski or snowboard that suit the conditions on the day. For example get your powder skis on in the morning and swap them for some performance carvers in the afternoon, you choose. NTN Telemark ski packages are now available for rental also.





Ski Clothing Hire

We stock a range of ski/snowboard appropriate jackets and trousers that you can hire from us on the mountain to set you up for a fun and comfortable day on the snow. We do not hire gloves, hats or goggles for hygiene reasons, but these are available for purchase from our on mountain snow shops where you can also find any last-minute items you might need including sunscreen, ski socks, neck warmers and lots of other essential ski gear.

Jacket & Pants

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Jacket or Pants

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Workshop & Repairs

Gear that's tuned just gives you so much more when you're shredding the slopes. Drop into our workshop up the mountain and the team can promptly tune, repair and service your skis, boards and boots.

Rentals Pick Up

We stock an extensive range of rental equipment for most ages and sizes on the mountain. So save carrying your gear up and swing into our Rentals area in the base building after you visit Guest Services.

Allow plenty of time to get fitted, especially if you have a lesson booked for the morning.

Top Tip: You'll need to collect your MyPass Card before visiting the Rentals team, you can collect this from our Kiosks by scanning your confirmation email barcode or by visiting our Guest Services team.

If you haven't pre-booked online, please visit our Guest Services team before heading over to our friendly rentals teams.

Overnight Storage

If you're skiing back to back days and hiring your equipment from us, you can store your gear in our overnight storage area.

Save lugging your gear up and down the mountain or getting fitted again, simply collect it before you head out on snow the next day!

Overnight storage is limited and in peak times it does fill up. It's located just next to the Rentals area in the base building.

Before You Arrive

Excited to get on the snow? We’ll do our best to get you fitted and out the door, however there are a few things you can do before you get here make things easier!

Knowing your weight (in KGs), height and shoe size is a huge help.

  • If you're skiing, we use your age, weight, height and shoe size to calculate your din settings. The din setting is what releases your skis if you end up falling over.
  • If you're snowboarding, we'll need to know your height and shoe size to make sure we fit you with the right sized equipment.

We highly recommend filling out your Online Profile if you've booked online before arriving at our rental locations, that way we can speed up the process and get you on snow faster!


Time to Location

You can pick up on the mountain from our rentals department. Plan for an hour plus your travel time if you're picking up on mountain.

Your Mypass Card

Stop in to Guest Services first to pick up your Mypass card. We'll need this as part of our rentals process, and the team can make sure you have the right products loaded.

Top Tip!

If you've purchased online, you can swing by our mountain kiosks on Mountain to print your MyPass Card. You'll just need your confirmation email to scan the barcode - then when you've got your MyPass card come and see us!


Rental Tips & Tricks

To help us get you through the rental process as quick as possible and onto snow, it’s best to know your weight, height and foot size before you arrive.

Ski boots use mondo sizing, where as snowboard boots can sometimes fit one size bigger than your normal size.

Our Adult Rental Clothing Sizing runs XS-XXL.

Can I swap from Skis to Snowboard?

Can I swap my equipment out?

Can I hire Googles & Gloves

Due to hygiene reasons we don't hire Googles and Gloves, but you can purchase these on the mountain from our retail shop.

Are Helmets included

Yes, helmets are included with all equipment rentals. We want you to protect your noggin, so please do wear a helmet when on the snow.